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Alzheimer’s disease, in spite of being the sixth main cause of death in the US, has only five drug treatments approved, due to the failure of drug development for central nervous system (CNS) diseases in clinical trials. This is caused by the selective permeability of the blood-brain-barrier (BBB). The BBB plays a critical role in […]

Liposomes and PLGA nanoparticles as carriers for vaccines.

Liposome vaccine technology Several applications of liposomes have been reported in the delivery of vaccine antigens. Liposomes can be used as carriers for vaccine delivery where antigens can be encapsulated in the core, embedded in the bilayer and/or adsorbed or engrafted to the outer Surface. Although there are several formulations to obtain liposomes, cationic and […]


GOLD NANOMATERIALS APPLICATIONS: THE ROLE OF THE SHAPE (NANORODS AND NANOSTARS) Gold nanomaterials have attracted attention scientific community over the last two decades. Gold nanospheres are a more well-known nanomaterial, in fact, they are widely employed in different bioapplications, and even gold nanospheres are used in commercial devices such as lateral flow assay (rapid test […]

Nanotecnología para dar en la diana

 LA VOZ DE ASTURIAS ECONOMÍA Nanotecnología para dar en la diana Nanovex, que diseña aplicaciones de fármacos de precisión se ha abierto al campo del mercado cosmético L.O.  REDACCION 21/09/2018 05:00 H El desarrollo de la nanotecnología ofrece un vasto abanico de posibilidades en todo tipo de sectores, desde los materiales a la medicina. En las aplicaciones […]

Nanovex Biotechnolgies, winner of the Northwest Investor’s Day 2018

Nanovex Biotechnologies, best startup in the fourth Investor’s Day The bionanotechnology company based in the CEEI (Asturias, SPAIN) is focused on the nanoencapsulation of substances, mainly for medical use, although it explores the application in cosmetics and food   Two links to the Spanish news: https://www.lavozdeasturias.es/noticia/economia/2018/06/05/asturiana-nanovex-mejor-startup-cuarto-investors-day/00031528216799414133479.htm http://www.elcomercio.es/economia/empresas/asturiana-nanovex-alza-premio-investor-day-20180606001025-ntvo.html Thank you all!


COLLABORATION OFFER FOR HORIZON 2020 CALLS 2018 – 2020 Nanovex Biotechnologies SL is a Spanish SME specialized in the design&development of nanovesicles, nanocapsules and inorganic nanoparticles for multiple applications. The company participates in various national and international research & innovation projects. Company is opened to offer their expertise for the Horizon2020 calls 2018 – 2020, […]

Extracellular vesicles isolation–Developing new devices

Extracellular vesicles isolation–Developing new devices One of the main technical challenges to studying EVs is to isolate them without interfering with their structure, in order to be able to reveal their functions and to use them as biomarkers. Moreover, the new area of therapeutically using EVs needs clinical grade methods of isolation. Although ultracentrifugation is […]


METAL NANOPARTICLES FOR SENSING (II): The role of metal nanoparticle surface in the development of SERS or SEF applications. As we mention in our previous post (GOLD NANOPARTICLE FOR SENSING (I)), the interaction between light and gold nanoparticle surface causes a collective oscillation of the electronic cloud of the metal leading also to the generation […]

PLGA nanoparticles in the ocular drug delivery

PLGA nanoparticles in the ocular drug delivery The topical ocular administration of drugs has two different purposes: to treat superficial eye diseases, such as infections (e.g. conjunctivitis, blepharitis, keratitis sicca) and to provide intraocular treatment through the cornea for diseases such as glaucoma or uveitis.Compared with drug delivery to other parts of the body, ocular […]