• Nanovex Services

    Due to our knowledge and experience, offers a range of services related to bio-nanotechnology.

Custom services

From start to finish. Compound stability, nanocarrier formulation, directed transport and specific release is covered with our custom drug delivery service. Our teams of experts will guide you through the different options for your exact application. This process includes selecting a nanovehicle for your compound, a delivery strategy to release it as it is required, and a full characterization of the final product to check key requirements.

Characterization services

From nanoparticles to exosomes, we provide your lab with the most valuable information about your nanomaterials that can help you control the quality of your products and ease the path to publishing. We count with the most advanced equipment and technology to fully analyse all the physical and chemical properties of your interest. Characterization allows the prediction of the behaviour of the nanomaterials like long-term stability or in vivo.