• Nanovex Biotechnologies

    Due to our knowledge and experience, offers a range of services related to bio-nanotechnology.


From start to finish. Compound stability, nanocarrier formulation, directed transport and specific release is covered with our custom drug delivery service. Our teams of experts will guide you through the different options for your exact application. This process includes selecting a nanovehicle for your compound, a delivery strategy to release it as it is required, and a full characterization of the final product to check key requirements.


There are four different types of nanocarriers, each one suitable for a different application and destination: liposomes, polymeric nanovesicles, metallic nanoparticles and exosomes. We design, formulate, develop, and produce unique nanocarriers to maximize the encapsulation your compound.

Delivery Systems

Depending on where, when and how you want the drug release, the nanocapsules can be modified and functionalized to do exactly so. There are many possibilities: fluorescence marking, targeted delivery, controlled release and stimuli-response release.


Put the icing on the cake and define your key indicators. We will fully characterize your custom final product. Make your scientific research robust by adding this detailed characterization of the physical and chemical properties of your delivery system. Some important measurements could include size and size distribution, ᶎ-potential, particle concentration, morphology, lamellarity, entrapment efficiency, drug loading or surface modification efficiency.